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    Hardships Are Bad for You 高考英语作文
    栏目:作文 发布时间:2020-09-16 09:17

    Hardships Are Bad for You 高考英语作文

    Contrary to the very popular belief that people who have suffered from hardship in their lives have stronger personalities, some researchers claim that hardships can be very misleading. As far as I am concerned, hardships cast negative influences on peoples lives.


    Firstly, people who suffered from troubled lives are easily misled. Its found that while some people may indeed become more hard-nosed through adversity, the majority become less trusting of their own judgment. It surprisingly found that early negative experiences make people stronger in late life. Furthermore, the people who had experienced an adverse childhood and adolescence were more likely to come to believe information that is not true. Those people were more suggestible, and easily misled which in turn could affect their future.


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