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  • 介绍工厂高考英语满分作文
    栏目:作文 发布时间:2020-09-17 08:50


    An oral introduction to the factory


    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our factory.First of all, Id like to give you a brief introduction to our factory.Our factory has a history of ten years and it is located on northern bank of Xiangjiang river and on the railway line from Beijing to Guangzhou. The transportation is very convenient both by water and by railway. It covers nearly over 6.5 square kilometers.It has over 3000 workers who mainly produce wearing shoes. The products are very good quality and sold everywhere of China and some southern Asia areas.We believe our factory has been developing rapidly and has a very bright future. It is a wise choice to invest here. So much for the introduction.Now let me show you around the factory.


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