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  • My Travel小学英语作文
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    My Travel小学英语作文

    In this holiday黄伟文作品展,I went to Beijing。Beijing is in the north of China。I went to there with my mother and father 。We go there at eight o’clock in the moring 。We by train 。And we at there at one o’clock in the afternoon 。

    At two o’clock,we visited the Great Wall ,It was very beautiful黄伟文作品展, It’s long and wind 。And we visited the Summer Palace 美文黄伟文作品展,I think it beautiful 。What do you think ?

    We went to a restaurant。We all ate rice and fish。We after the lunch at three o’clock。

    We went home at five o’clock。We had a lovely time there!

    the 晋江文学城作者 黄伟文作品展 可爱的家乡作文

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