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    Zhu Geliang, a character he is known to every family, the incarnation of wisdom and praised. He was in Liu Beixing Fu of Han Dynasty industry "the essence of his bow," devoted all his life. But is it really worthwhile for him to do this?

    Liu Chan, the son of Liu Bei, in succession after the death of Liu Bei become emperor of Shu, the military affairs appointed to Zhu Geliang, he did not what performance is a cowardly and incompetent monarch, Liu Bei knows he is not fit to be king, so in his deathbed, he entrusted to Zhu Geliang, let Zhu Geliang to help him complete the Renaissance Han industry, when necessary, can also be replaced. But Liu Chan's incompetent. In the early stage of his reign, he mainly relied on Zhu Geliang to govern the state affairs. Thanks to Liu Chan, the number of attacks in the opportunity he was ruined, the precarious position of shu. In fact, if Zhu Geliang replaced Liu Chan at the critical moment, he would not blame him. But because he is a foolish loyal to Liu Chan, and even know Liu Chan's fatuous incompetence, also refused to betray Liu Zen, this is subserviency.

    It is because of Zhu Geliang's loyalty and Liu Chan's incompetence, Shu eventually went extinct. If Zhu Geliang was a prince, I think that the fate of Shu may not be such. So Zhu Geliang's insistence is not worth copying and learning, and his efforts are of no value.


    Zhu Geliang is one of the characters in the ancient Chinese novels, and is also the one I admire most. I like his wit, bravery, and his calmness and calmness.

    Zhu Geliang is very smart and he may be widely read because of it. When Liu Bei just bring him back, he built the first power, burned Cao stigmata, several months did not dare to come out. In the fire of Chibi, he arranged so carefully that Cao Cao had tasted the taste of the fire and tasted the taste of the sword and arrow. He was very brave, he went to Zhou Yu's camp, not afraid of Zhou Yu's plot, one for the country. Once, he in the west when Sima Yi sent to the army, he is calm, also called the ministers don't panic, skillfully execute kongchengji, finally change danger into safety. Do you say, people like Zhu Geliang, can't be admired?

    Zhu Geliang is very patriotic. After Liu Bei's death, Liu Chan succeeded, and Zhu Geliang, in order to unify the country, called Liu Chan to attack Cao Pi several times, ended in failure. Finally, he died in five feet. Because Liu Chan knew only to eat, drink and play every day, he gave his hands to others. Zhu Geliang ah, if you are still in this world, how good it is, don't you know, your story has been spread through the ages, people remember your image: wearing a hat, holding a feather fan, dressed in a white dress. You have taught Ma Liang as a student, and he is also a bachelor. Your Lord Liu Bei I also admire him, by virtue of life, righteousness to life, but also to the foundation Tahan several hundred years of the uprising!

    Mr. Kongming, please allow me to call you "Mr." in front of you. You are so knowledgeable, you are so educated, who does not want to learn you? Mr. Kongming, I will never forget you, and you will not be lost in the time of history.

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