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    Article one: traditional culture

    Speaking of Chinese traditional culture, it is innumerable, and what makes me memorable is this Spring Festival.

    The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese people. It is a festival that symbolizes unity and prosperity, and hopes for the future. How to celebrate this festival has formed some relatively fixed customs in the development of thousands of years, many of which have been handed down to date. One of the customs and habits is to eat dumplings. We must make dumplings before eating dumplings. In order to eat delicious dumplings, I move on my own hands.

    If you want to eat dumplings, you have to make dumplings. This dumpling is not easy to make. Before making dumplings, first and face. I poured some noodles in the basin and put some water in the bowl and put it in. At the beginning, the water was less, and the rubbed surface was taken down to drop the slag. When the water was added, the face was stuck on my hand. Well, the water is always unsuitable, light and face are so difficult to wait until when to eat dumplings. A little dry flour was added to the flour. But I was impatient to listen to my mother for half an hour. The face is good, I can not wait for the flush to the side of the face, take out a small piece of face to learn the movements of mother's previous dumplings to knead a thin strip. As a result, a rough section of the kneading is fine and rubbed for a long time. I suddenly thought: since dumplings have been handed down as Chinese traditional culture, dumplings must be very delicious, but there must be some difficulty in making them. In order to eat delicious dumplings hard! Then start cutting the face into small pieces and rolling the skin. Rolling skin is the most difficult thing, and it is the top priority. If the skin is thin dumplings easily, if the thick skinned dumplings cooked skin cooked. I put a small piece of a small piece of the surface to become a cute little persimmon size, and was ready to roll skin. My hand little cake, in one hand and a rolling pin roll dumpling. Hey, like a mother roll skin very difficult ah, I really do not like the same pie I roll roll the dumpling. Although the method is clumsy, the effect is still good. It's time to make dumplings. Mom gave me my favorite pork shallot stuffing. I picked up the rolling skin and learned the dumplings next to my mother. After making a dumpling, it suddenly felt that the dumplings were not so difficult. At last it was wrapped and started to boil. I looked forward to the boiled dumplings next to the pot. Looking at the dumpling over the toss like a white fish in a joyous game. The dumplings are cooked! Eating dumplings in the mouth of the heart can not be happy. In a moment, I felt that I was a step closer to the traditional Chinese culture.

    I love Chinese traditional culture!

    Article two: traditional culture

    Stone hard, after years of grinding will turn into a handful of sand blown away; the river again, after years of airing Sai will dry up; the flower is beautiful, after the ravages of time will eventually wither...... There are many things in nature that will change because of the passage of time, or completely changed, or to meet death. Culture, in the years of grinding, but long preserved. But it could not be lost. In the tribulation, they all experienced innumerable and insidious insidious changes, and became heavier under the change until now it did not change its position. And those who have lost their misfortunes are taken away by the years in the tribulation, and even the traces are blown away by the wind, and they have not been able to stay in the hearts of people.

    Culture needs to be protected, and we need to inherit it.

    Not long ago the hit on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" is very good to show us the significance of the cultural heritage, so that we remember is about one episode in a group of extraordinary people, mack. This is actually just an ordinary and hard job to cut the wheat. But in this occupation, Mack is extraordinary. Because they are the inheritors of this culture. Unfortunately, the heritage of this culture may be interrupted, like the sand that has been swept away by the wind, and has become unknown. It is reported that the number of China now Mack has scanty. Because in the era of constant change, development and progress, some of the low efficiency of the work will be eliminated, it is replaced by the new era of the machine, so the hidden culture also can hardly be avoided by. In the program, some anti deposit Mack said; "the hard work, tired, efficiency is not high, after all, is the artificial harvest, in contrast, indeed many fast machines. But we love this job, love the land, and love this culture. It is hard to give up. What we expect is not how high the income is, but to inherit this culture forever, that's all. " A few simple words of a few peasants are enough to reflect the connotation of culture.

    Culture, of course, also includes learning. China's decades of cultural thought, Lao Tzu, Confucius and many other historical writers contributed to the transmission of our culture and made Chinese culture achieve some success in the world. In the near future, the idea of traditional culture entering the examination hall is being updated, which seems to be somewhat boring for students. But this makes the new generation of youth understand culture better, go deep into culture, and contribute to the cultural heritage.

    At least the footprints of the sand are blown by the wind, and the dry river will be filled with the water of life through the baptism of heavy rain. The seeds left by the withered flowers will bloom in the next spring. What the years took and what left it. The traditional culture will also bloom the new life vitality again in the years. And we will put the traditional culture has been handed down, let the ancestors of the souls of proud of feeling: so years away, culture in my heart.

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